Artist to Photographer

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Almost a year ago, I made the conscious decision to stop painting, and stop calling myself an artist. A very small part of the decision was due to the lack of time I had; teaching full time, newly married, as well as various other commitments. But the main reason I have stopped has been brewing […]


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Today the youth held an auction to raise funds for their trip to India. I had painted a couple of paintings, which is why I was less disappointed than I would have been had I put forward one of my own personal pieces, when one of my pieces went for a mere $100. That is […]


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Vicky and I went to see Monet. I have seen many of them whilst I was overseas in Europe – but for Vicky, it was a once in a life time opportunity to get to see some of the more famous art outside of this little country of ours. We are sometimes so sheltered. People […]

Art at Easter

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Today Vicky and I headed up to Easter Camp 09 (Central) in Feilding. It was a great trip up with a car full of art stuff for which to run an art workshop at the camp. It all went really well. The Easter-Campers came, all full with ideas of what they wanted to do and […]

Paint the Town Red

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Today I’ve been painting. Not my usual kind of stuff, you know – art on canvas etc… No. This was more white on house… But I have been listening to Delirious lately – got their new album “My Soul Sings” and I love “Paint the Town Red”. Kind of appropriate then. Paint the Town Red […]


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Sometimes you just can’t help but get paint everywhere. Even after washing my hands, I still had flecks. I offered to paint my sister’s house for her a while back, so today was the day that I began. I don’t know how people do it for a living though. After 3 hours, I’d done my […]

Oh to Paint

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Finally managed to get out into the garage to paint today. I miss the joys of what it means to create. It began because the airbrush hose arrived and I went out to test it. Unfortunately it didn’t produce the results I expected. So I resorted back to spray painting, trying to recreate the effect […]

Its just a piece of paper

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Browsing through the internet can lead you to many amazing things. One of these sites I stumbled on a while back, but only now realised just how ground breaking it really is! Peter Callesen folds paper. Not to make paper darts or to fit something into an envelope, but to make sculptures. A portfolio of […]


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“Why is it that we introduce painting and music to primary school students before they can read? The arts are a part of a universal human language, whether music, dance, drama or the physical fine arts.” (Education Horizons, p13) A recent article, To create or not to create; is this really the question? in Education […]

Affordable Art Show

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Visited the Affordable Art Show yesterday with Vicky. First impressions were not good. The layout for one was shocking. You walk in, and its this tiny little bottleneck through which did not work at all. You couldn’t appreciate those artworks on display in it because you couldn’t stand back from them, and you felt shunted […]