The door creaked open. The empty darkness enclosed by the room wait with arms wide open for the waiting stubbed toe of the strangers left foot. Lately I have been a stranger in two completely different abodes. And although I have yet to stub my toe in either of them, it is often how I […]


Technology is bliss. I found myself stacking these three devices together on the couch whilst watching TV. My iPod Touch for Internet, Cellphone to chat with Vicky and the TV remote to displace annoying ad’s…


Yesterday I got myself an iPod Touch. It’s a belated Christmas present for myself and something I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for a little while. Today I was able to really sit down and get used to it. For me, its everything I want in a phone, just without the phone part! […]

Podding Linux

Today I decided to get a little bit technical and put Linux on yet another one of my devices. iPod Linux has been around for a while now, and whilst it still doesn’t look flash, its just cool to have Linux on it. It doesn’t do much, and to be honest, Apple have made significant […]

Untangling the Web

Today was an interesting day. Certain aspects of the computer and the new website I am building just weren’t working. I’ve recently tried to go back to Gnome after using KDE for a while, and loving the whole Mac feel I’ve managed to emulate. But certain bits are just buggy. Add to that my new […]

Slip n’ Slide

For the last two months my phone has been on holiday. The cable which connects the slider to the keypad was broken, so the screen only worked when it was covering the keypad, making it very difficult to text. I’ve spent the last two months texting by braille almost. But last night I received the […]

Message in a Bottled Cellphone

Messages. Everywhere. I currently have four “New” voicemail messages on my cellphone. They are not new however. They are in fact very old. Why? Because I am too lazy to ask Telecom what my pin number is to access my voicemail box. I therefore cannot listen to said messages, or even clear them. So each […]