Guitar: Large Worship Team

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Introduction Earlier I wrote a post looking at how to play guitar in a small worship team. But what if there are many other musicians to fit in with, usually as a part of a larger church. For this scenario we will assume that there is a keyboardist, a pianist, a drummer, bass player, and […]

Mandolin: Alpha

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Last week I ordered my very first (and possibly last) Mandolin kit set. It is a SAGA Mandolin Kit AM-10. I have begun on this weekend project in order to get me away from the drab boringness of Facebook and TV. So far, none of it has been done in the weekend – such is […]

Less is More

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Sometimes we have a tendency to include everyone and every instrument in our worship team. Whilst a bit of variety can be enlightening and refreshing to otherwise dull renditions, it can also steal the attraction away from God. It can overwhelm the congregation as the sound gets bigger and full of instruments trying to stand […]

Tele Look

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A week ago I decided to sell my red Squier Chambered Tele and upgrade to a new one. Originally I wanted one of the traditional blonde one’s with the black pickguard – but they only make them starting from $1499, which is the kind of money I don’t spend on guitars. So I went with […]


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Each year on Good Friday I make a cross. It started whilst on the edge of Lake Rotoroa on a lonesome Easter Friday. It was 2001. I made myself a cross out of two branches, lashed together with rope. Ever since, I have been making crosses. One year it was out of toothpicks scattered on […]