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Worship. For the last wee while I’ve become more and more unfulfilled by the worship from the music at church. Its not that its bad music, or that I’m not enjoying it, but the fact that it is not enough for me. In studying it more, I’ve found that worship is so much more than […]

Paint the Town Red

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Today I’ve been painting. Not my usual kind of stuff, you know – art on canvas etc… No. This was more white on house… But I have been listening to Delirious lately – got their new album “My Soul Sings” and I love “Paint the Town Red”. Kind of appropriate then. Paint the Town Red […]

Worship (Practice)

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Tuesday night is practice night for our worship team. Which raises an interesting question. Is there such thing as worship practice? I’m not talking about music practice, but rather practicing for worship? Surely it would be considered as worship regardless? You can’t exactly tell God – “Sorry, don’t worry about these praises to Your name, […]


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Any music montage, such as the type I make that is placed on YouTube is now completely and entirely removable. Even though I make it a important self-policy to always list the music’s copyright owner, and never, ever claiming the music as my own, Get Amnesty sums up the laws and regulations surrounding the reason […]


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Is it just me or is there a monopoly starting to arise in the Christian worship scene? Surely there must be more music makers out there than just Planetshakers and Hillsong United? After a night of introducing new songs which were as bland as the inside of an empty jar, it just feels so meaningless […]

Bring On Back Yer Blues

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Lately I have been re-kindling one’s passion for the blues. When I started playing guitar the first thing I learnt to play was 12 bar blues shuffle in A.Upon reading the life story of Eric Clapton, it is obvious his respect for a legendary pioneer of blues, Robert Johnson, who recorded a small number of […]

Chamber of Secrets : Telecaster

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There she is! My new baby! Squire Master Series Chambered Tele. It sounds gorgeous, feels great and looks even better. It has 3 way selector on the two humbucking pickups and Volume and Tonal controls for both as well. Because it is chambered it is really light and sits well both standing and in a […]

Jars of Clay // Good Monsters

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Jars of Clay – increasingly becoming my favourite band is releasing a new albumn – “Good Monsters”.Their website is amazing. www.jarsofclay.com For the last 5 or 6 years they have been pushing the limits of Flash technology. I remember their very cool navigation system which was the model for my own navigation system, with the […]