Drumming With Your Team

It’s a good idea to get to know the people you are playing with. Spend time understanding what styles they like and with this knowledge you will be able to play together better. Especially the bass guitar and acoustic guitar (who holds the rythym with you).  This will help the whole team grow in confidence […]

When the People Respond

It can be frustrating. Ive seen it in a variety of churches. The team isnt always on top of their game, and the people theyre leading get into a hole. A hole when worship isnt hitting their hearts, where the norm is less than awe inspiring, and where Gods hand isnt in the worship. They […]

A Few tips on playing at church

Playing in a church team is different then playing in a band at a gig. Mainly because at a gig you practice how the song goes, start to finish. A band gig is a performance for a crowd, your church team is for a congregation to worship our God. In a church team you should […]

Worship: Creating Space [Video]

This is my very first VideoBlog. Today I take a look at creating space within worship songs, and in between songs of a set. I will take you through some simple, practical ways to do this on a very basic level. I hope you enjoy it.   Everlasting God G           […]

Drumming: Breaking Free

There is (or used to be) a separate stereotype for ‘Church Drummers’. Quiet and simple beats with not a lot of confidence being shown. Don’t fall into that trap. You can still play assertively but quietly. Just about all the drum tutors I had could tell I was a ‘typical church drummer’ when I played […]

Using Dynamics in Your Drumming

Dynamics is one of the most important tools you have as a drummer. Building and cutting back a song changes the whole mood and atmosphere. In a worship set, if a song is up tempo the whole way through there maybe no room for people to slow down and think or reflect, or if its […]

An Introduction to Church Drumming

So you’ve started drumming at your church? Maybe you’ve been around for a while? Good on you for using the talent God has gifted to you! Don’t forget to always keep developing that talent. Even if you have a few weeks off the roster at church, practice at home so you can keep improving your […]

Slow Down. Speed Kills.

This slogan for safer driving also applies to worship songs. Slow down. Speed kills. There is a tendency (at least in the churches I’ve been in) to play songs faster than they need to be. Maybe its in attempt to make the song better, or because its boring when it’s slow. I’m not sure what […]

Worship for Men

It’s one area I am passionate about. Ever since seeing Matt Redman’s comments about how most worship songs are not manfriendly, I have been aware of the struggle for Men in church and their participation in corporate worship. The church I am in at the moment is in an unusual imbalance, where of our 5 […]

Worship Fractions Chart

Fractions in Worship

Lloyd Rankin was also at Plugged In, run by New Wine on the 27 August, 2011, and expressed in a very easy to understand way a theory that I had been introduced to before; the more instruments there are, the less each one has to play. The main point I got from Lloyd was that […]

Finding Your Space in Worship

Last weekend I headed up to a worship conference run by New Wine, called “Plugged In”. The following points brought up by Tim Costley builds on my previous post but possibly in a more succinct way. High and Low Dynamics Tim Costley began his seminar showing us a graph where different instruments fit between high […]

Hymns Today, Gone Tomorrow

Before I start, I want to make it clear that what I am writing is an opinion, and it happens to be mine. I am sure that many of you (some of whom I consider as close friends) will disagree with me profusely. And you’re entitled to your opinion, but then, so am I. I […]