Al – Napkin – 2010

This design is a personal theme for my website. This one was inspired a lot from the font that I used (Bleeding Cowboys), recently become almost too popular among amateur designers to use any further. It was also inspired from a few other lighter coloured websites I had been looking at, especially given that I […]

Hutt City Baptist – 2010

Hutt City Baptist was one of my first ever clients for web design. The first design was made on a primitive theme, but it reflected the existing logo and feel of the church. In 2010, I was approached to upgrade the website to work in with the new logo and new¬†premises. This website is designed […]


I’ve added my latest theme to my site. It is called “Stone” after the Cobblestone introduction seen in the Sherlock Holmes movie (Which I totally loved!) Click here to change theme – or head to the theme navigation at the top of the site.


There are sometimes when you no longer have to stand by your product. There are sometimes when your product gets even bigger than you. There are sometimes when your product gets bigger than you even thought it would. As a designer and artist, there are many designs I have done where I have made them […]

Skanner: Released

Today I launched my new site. The original idea was based on the graphic work of “A Skanner Darkly”. It obviously has developed quite a bit from there, heading into a more bold black and white feel to it. It fits in well with my Art, my Photography and also my web designs. Please feel […]


The last couple of days have been so uneventful I haven’t managed to get a photo of anything. That’s just how bland they were. Whilst I have been doing things, such as getting teaching applications printed, and forms filled out, website meetings and phone calls – none of thee make for a exquiset photography or […]

Designing the Web

Today was spent redesigning my site. Bit by bit I’ll update it until I have it how I want it. Often I’ll start a design and get it to a stage where its 90% finished, but then just end up sticking with what I’ve got, purely because the design I came up with isn’t any […]


The latest of my sub-sites has been launched.Blackcube is the latest series of work that I am working on. It explores the relationship of land to people, to language and of opposites. It combines drawing and painting and illustrates New Zealand and spirituality.See it now at ‘Till next time…

Update // Painting Gallery // 25//06//07

I’ve just updated the gallery. While it may not be apparent exactly what I have changed, it will make sense when you hear about it. To get the images in the gallery, the script opens the directory, searches through all the image files in that directory and outputs them. This essentially means that to add […]

Website Design Projects

Recently I have been designing and fixing a few websites, implimenting new photo galleries and editors which I have made using php. The gallery is particularly cool, where it will take all the folders in a directory (such as /images/) and will display them as links. Click on the links and it will display all […]

Update // 18.08.06

There are no major updates lately. This is because access to myserver from home has been limited in the last week. I have managed tofinish a painting in that time, but haven’t been able to upload it tothe server.I also plan on displaying images to show process and development etcon my art blog (, but […]

Update // 07-08-2006

Updated Website: –Background ImagesNow has a “Video” effect. Plans to update this to make it more ‘technological’.Colour images now have better faded edges.Inspiration: Enemy of the State. –Loading BarNow has cute little loading bar to fit in with the whole blue faded line… and now has a reflection.Inspiration: Microsoft Windows XP Login page (line). Reflection […]