The PaCT Tool

There has been many thoughts around the PaCT tool and it’s use or non-use by New Zealand schools. New Zealand Educational Institute (union for primary teachers, NZEI) has warned against it, but they are bound to do so given the current political climate and their educational policies. However, what I don’t understand is that we (teachers, […]

Teaching: Technology

Here’s the summary of our Term in Room One. We have been preparing for School Production and using the Design process to assist us to come up with our class item, the script, and our costumes. We integrated a range of different subjects throughout, and this is our wall display of what we did. Engage. […]

Educated Statistics

Those that know me, know I hate Maths, but love Statistics. Maybe it’s the graphs and the figures; but mostly it’s the story they tell without having to say anything. Interpreting the statistics isn’t rocket science, and generally they can speak a lot of sense into a confusing situation. It’s no wonder then that recently […]

Using Google Apps in the Classroom

Please read my full article here: The Use of Chromebooks and Google Apps in Education There are multiple reasons why we decided to head down the Chromebook and Google App path. While I do not wish to delve into all of these, some of them include: Google Docs automatically Saves – having to remind students to […]

Charter Schools: The Future of Success

Managed to catch the encore screening of 3rd Degree (TV3) this week which had an exposé on the 5 trial Charter Schools being run in Auckland at the moment. 3rd Degree: Charter Schools All in all Charter Schools have been portrayed as the greatest thing happening in our education system. We obviously think that just […]

Books. Books. iBooks.

Those that know me know I am not much of a reader. Obviously I have to keep that quite quiet in the classroom, because I want to encourage my class to read as much as possible. To do so, I usually use a lot of picture books as inspiration for reading. I like picture books […]

National Standards Again

Today Nigel Latta launched on the offensive at the press release from Hekia “how-do-you-say-her-name-Potato” Parata and “the Media”. Here’s what was on his Facebook page (Wednesday 12 June, 10:14am) ‘National Standards’ aren’t. The latest national standards ‘results’ being reported in the media are utter nonsense. Pure and simple. Even if we ignore the large inconsistencies […]

L.I.Y. – Focusing Students

“We want W.A.L.T that is less Disney”. A brilliant quote from Lester Flockton. In my classroom, I have developed a new way of presenting the “WALT”. W.A.L.T stands for “We Are Learning To” which is how the Learning Intention (or L.I.) should start for students. In my class I did away with W.A.L.T. It annoyed […]

Performance Pay Gets in the Way

In Education in New Zealand over the last couple of months, we have heard the threats of performance pay, and bumping up class sizes, and developing better teachers. This has been well documented in the press, with recent articles on Stuff outlining the intentions of the current Government. – 16 May, 2012 – […]

Where are the kids learning?

I was told not so long ago, that kids only spend 13% of their time at school. It was in relation to say that kids actually don’t do a lot of their learning at school. Kids will learn through all sorts of means, from what they hear, what they see, what they experience. Even as […]