B Date

B Date was a brilliant concoction of B activities. First was homemade Burgers, while watching last nights Big Bang Theory. Next, Vicky and I did some baking, where we tried making something neither of us had made before. Chocolate Fudge Fingers. Following that (while it chills in the fridge) Vicky gave me a beautiful back […]

06 Robert Harris

Went out with the beautiful Vicky Flanagan for lunch again today and enjoyed a toasted panini and iced chocolate. The food was good, but the company was even better.

We Meet Again

Met Vicky for Nando’s tonight. Parked next to her beloved Sophie. Great photo if you know the cars.


It was a celebratory trip to Staglands with Vicky. With the Mini safely back in my hands, it was time for a road trip. We headed out to Staglands, and then continued on out across the Akatarera’s to Lindale, Paraparaumu and to Plimerton for Dinner. These are some of the old rustic photos I took […]

Parade Cafe

I have to say, if you’re ever in Wellington, looking for somewhere for lunch – you have to go to Parade Cafe. A group of us from TLC would often visit there once in a while and my less adventurous (or less wealthy) self would stick to their seasoned wedges. They are awesome! Today I […]

New Years

New Years Eve is always awesome. Ever since I’ve known Vicky, we’ve cruised up to her place and had a BBQ supper with a Brasier. This year was no different. Only difference was, we had to bring along an LP of some sort to keep us entertained through the night. Whilst there were meant to […]


Opening your eyes to a brand new world is never easy. It can be terrifying when you reflect on your own world. But it can also make you humbly grateful for the privileged life you do lead. On the one hand, you are a mere bee in the thriving hive called Earth. The 15mins of […]


Today Vicky and I headed to Percy’s Reserve with some friends. In the middle of the hot afternoon, we went for the 20 min walk to see the waterfall. In all its splendor it showered down, and it was refreshing to spend some time in God’s creation with Vicky at my side. A true blessing


Vicky needed to get some photos printed today, and so whilst we waited, we wandered around the furnature store across the way. This bookshelf wanted to go home with Vicky evidently…


Vicky and I turned three today. Its been a great journey so far. We have enjoyed the good times, pushed through the tough times and re looking forward to what the future may hold. Thank you for an awesome three years babe!


Today we had a lazy day at Vicky’s. The sun was out for Father’s day and with festivities planned in the afternoon, the outdoor furniture was out and lent itself brilliantly to a game of Poker with Vicky and William. Good times.

Drive By

Decided to pay my ol’ friend Richard Prouse a visit after school today whilst I waited for Vicky to finish work. It was a beautiful day, and an excellent way to un-wind after a difficult day’s teaching.