Easy Does it. Done

Ever since about a month after moving into our Park Ave apartment, we’ve known we wanted to move out. Now, we have a place to move to. That’s right. Vicky and Al have bought their first house! And it all seemed to happen so easily! We looked on Trade Me and Open2View and found a […]


The door creaked open. The empty darkness enclosed by the room wait with arms wide open for the waiting stubbed toe of the strangers left foot. Lately I have been a stranger in two completely different abodes. And although I have yet to stub my toe in either of them, it is often how I […]

Living Christmas

It was my pleasure today to see Christmas in its finest state today. At church we had it all, from Carols, Candle light and farmyard animals to cap it all off. But it wasn’t the sight of flickering light. It wasn’t the smell of hay. It wasn’t the sound of bells ringing out. It was […]