Toyota Altezza

So in a flurry of random events, God comes to the party, answers some prayer, and what-d-ya-know… we have a new car! In what was possibly the easiest car trade in history, we went from going up to have a look at it, to driving it home. It started out with a bit of a […]

Timelapse 001

My first attempt at a timelapse photograph. I noticed the clouds had some wind behind them, and the timing was somewhat fortuitous. It was done completely manually, taking a photo every 10 seconds for 45 minutes. All of that amounts to this 13-14 second clip! I hope to be making more of these as time goes […]

Moving In

Today we began moving into our new house. Yesterday was settlement day. Whilst most settlement days are rather complicated, because we were first home buyers, we could sort out the majority of the finance early, and so it was all ready to go. However, to make things more complicated, I came down with extreme pain […]


The door creaked open. The empty darkness enclosed by the room wait with arms wide open for the waiting stubbed toe of the strangers left foot. Lately I have been a stranger in two completely different abodes. And although I have yet to stub my toe in either of them, it is often how I […]


Nothing I like more than caramel. Its to die for sometimes. If you want to bribe me in some horrendous way, then caramel is the way to go. Luckily for me, this was just dessert tonight. Enjoyable dessert.

Room with a View

Sometimes I walk into my room to grab my wallet before heading out, when I’ll glance out the window and just see a beautiful view. I’d like to think none can beat it sometimes, looking out over the valley floor. So I thought I’d share it with you. Here it is, the view I get […]