My Fight With Depression

In November 2012 I knew there was a problem. I couldn’t focus like I used to. I lost all sense of time. I couldn’t order things into priorities. I couldn’t see past one thing at a time. And as a Teacher, this limited my abilities in my workplace incredibly. By December I was almost flat […]

Worship and Hymns

The worship wars have been a battle fought for decades now. The two sides: pro-hymn and pro-modern stand on two sides of a peaceful fence. But in order to stand on one side or the other, we have to be aware of what each side stands for. We have to understand what defines a ‘modern’ […]

Toyota Altezza

So in a flurry of random events, God comes to the party, answers some prayer, and what-d-ya-know… we have a new car! In what was possibly the easiest car trade in history, we went from going up to have a look at it, to driving it home. It started out with a bit of a […]

Born to Choose

This post includes content unsuitable for young children. Viewer discretion is advised. A few weeks back I launched my view on the Marriage Equality debate on my blog. Since then I’ve been challenged, I’ve thought about, debated, and learned a little bit more about the topic. Don’t get me wrong. I still stand by my […]

Marriage Equality. Fair Enough.

Raincoat. Check. Umbrella. Check. Waders. On. Here goes as I wade on into the murky dark depths of the Marriage Equality debate. So here is my official stand on the matter. It came from a saying that did the rounds a while back when Louisa Wall’s bill was announced; “If you don’t like gay marriage, […]

Hymning, Singing, or Worshipping?

The following is a reflection of a conversation between my brother and I. Both of us are passionate about music, and about worship, and we regularly struggle with the tendency of our church to reluctantly sing modern contemporary worship songs, and regularly resort to hymns of younger times (of which we both find hard to […]

The Worship Conversation

When I worship, I try to open up a conversation between me and God. I praise Him for all He is, and all He has done in my life. I glorify Him with my song and my heart. And then I reflect and meditate on Him, and listen to what He has for me. Often […]

Worship: Leading People Vocally

There’s been many a battle cry, leading people forward in confidence and braving the fight and struggle that lies ahead. I find that the same needs to be applied when you lead people in worship. But what is vocally leading? Simply put, it’s where you say out loud the next part of the song that […]

I am not Worthy

Many times we come to worship our God and feel completely unworthy. Our sins of the week have mounted up and we might feel like the worship that we bring is tainted and blemished. This can often lead us into a position where we choose not to worship our God. But God wants our worship. […]

Worship: It’s not just the music

A trap that church-goers can fall into is thinking that Worship is music, and that the only possible way to worship is to sing a song or bask in the ambience created by talented musicians. The fact is that music is just a tool to a means. If the means is to worship God, then […]

10 Tips for Church Worship

The following are some thoughts and observations of worship in Church today. Enjoy! #1: Worship God and only God. You’re not up there for any other reason. If you are able to worship in your own heart, then that will help others to worship with you. #2: Listen to God. Don’t just leave it up […]

Less is More

Sometimes we have a tendency to include everyone and every instrument in our worship team. Whilst a bit of variety can be enlightening and refreshing to otherwise dull renditions, it can also steal the attraction away from God. It can overwhelm the congregation as the sound gets bigger and full of instruments trying to stand […]