Best Man Speech

Where do I start? …. Maybe later you might be asking when will I stop!? But I hope to keep this nice and short. A bit like Stu really. As all boys with brothers know, life is a constant competition. Doesnt matter what it is, we’ll find a way to turn it into a competition. […]


Today is the first day of the year. As a family (with soon to be Sister-in-Law and Vicky!) we headed up to the Rimutaka Incline. Nicola, Bridget and Stu were going to be biking over the journey, and Vicky, Mum, Dad and myself were just going for the trip up there. The Mini survived! It […]

New Years

New Years Eve is always awesome. Ever since I’ve known Vicky, we’ve cruised up to her place and had a BBQ supper with a Brasier. This year was no different. Only difference was, we had to bring along an LP of some sort to keep us entertained through the night. Whilst there were meant to […]


It wouldn’t be right but to make a post about Christmas. In amongst all the presents, food and family, I hope that you are able to remember the reason why we celebrate. Else, you can just enjoy the company of your friends and family, have a picnic on top of one another. But there is […]


Nicola going for the miracle pull from our Jenga game up at Raurimu.


Today we had a lazy day at Vicky’s. The sun was out for Father’s day and with festivities planned in the afternoon, the outdoor furniture was out and lent itself brilliantly to a game of Poker with Vicky and William. Good times.

Spectator Fire

Happy 60th Birthday 2nd Wellington. To celebrate, 2nd Wellington Boys’ Brigade challenged the other BB companies to a friendly duel of Paintball. Chickening out is my motto when it comes to this; plus – someone needed to take photos! In the process of taking said snapshots, I did managed to get caught in some crossfire. […]


Farewell fair friends. Today, Louise and Mike had their leaving afternoon party. It was a small gathering of family and friends, to have one last goodbye. Whilst this photo doesn’t depict them (they are not nuts!), it does sum up the afternoon. It was warm, cozy and pleasent. I wish Louise and Mike all the […]

My Head Hurts

Tonight Vicky and I met up with a bunch of friends from church for dinner and Cranium! I love that game. I don’t know what it is. I guess my team get bored because whenever we’re in a rut and falling behind (which is most of the time), we go for blue. Creative Cat. Drawing, […]

My Other Mother

Today I headed up to where my old Art School is now situated. Now instead of a massive trip into Island Bay, its just a short journey down the road to Taita! Oh how much I wish that could have happened 7 years ago when I enrolled! Anyway, enough of that. The real purpose for […]


Today I needed to reload. Reload on life. Lately I’ve been getting less and less sleep and having more and more things to do. Today I needed out. So sport it was – as usual for the day. After that it was time for relaxation. I needed it so much, that I didn’t even take […]

Earth Day

Global Warming? Its all a fasce isn’t it? Even so, Vicky and I were at Tim and Anita’s for dinner tonight. It was an excellent evening and very relaxing – which is what I needed and what this picture is all about!