New Years

New Years Eve is always awesome. Ever since I’ve known Vicky, we’ve cruised up to her place and had a BBQ supper with a Brasier. This year was no different. Only difference was, we had to bring along an LP of some sort to keep us entertained through the night. Whilst there were meant to […]


This weekend was the traditional Labour Weekend Camp with Boys’ Brigade. We had a total of 11 boys attend, the most it has been in the last 5 years. Add to that, we had a weather pocket of summer, where all three days were solid sunshine – also a first in the last 5 years! It […]

Spectator Fire

Happy 60th Birthday 2nd Wellington. To celebrate, 2nd Wellington Boys’ Brigade challenged the other BB companies to a friendly duel of Paintball. Chickening out is my motto when it comes to this; plus – someone needed to take photos! In the process of taking said snapshots, I did managed to get caught in some crossfire. […]

Bird Heaven

The aftermath of making sandwiches for Stu and Nicola’s engagement party. I can only imagine the birds thought all their Christmas’s had come at once.

Art at Easter

Today Vicky and I headed up to Easter Camp 09 (Central) in Feilding. It was a great trip up with a car full of art stuff for which to run an art workshop at the camp. It all went really well. The Easter-Campers came, all full with ideas of what they wanted to do and […]


So yesterday and today I was on the junior tramp with Boys’ Brigade. We run this every couple of years for the junior boys in our company. It gives them the experience of the outdoors and tramping as well as getting to spend the night out in the bush. It is a great time and […]

Bike Night

So it was our semi regular bike ride last night where we take the boys for a trek down the Riverbank Trail. I don’t normally go (such is the case when you have such a strong aversion to bike seats) but I was compelled to go last night and I’m glad I did. It was […]

Three Red Balloons

No – this is not another post on a seemingly endless list of blogs wishing everyone a Happy Valentines day. No. That would be tacky. No. Today is about Bimba’s 21st Party. Although I didn’t get a photo of Bimba for this post, I did get a passing shot of the balloons. It was an […]