The Tree

Why did God create the Tree of Knowledge, if he knew it would bring sin into the perfect world he created? Maybe not even that he knew it would bring sin, but even that it could bring sin into this world? The Tree of Knowledge, placed in the centre of the garden, was a tree […]


This weekend was the traditional Labour Weekend Camp with Boys’ Brigade. We had a total of 11 boys attend, the most it has been in the last 5 years. Add to that, we had a weather pocket of summer, where all three days were solid sunshine – also a first in the last 5 years! It […]


Worship. For the last wee while I’ve become more and more unfulfilled by the worship from the music at church. Its not that its bad music, or that I’m not enjoying it, but the fact that it is not enough for me. In studying it more, I’ve found that worship is so much more than […]

Morning Fog

This morning I received  text from Vicky s she came over the Wainui Hill into the Hutt Valley, saying that the fog was really thick – the thickest she’d seen. I looked out the window, and this is what I saw. Sometimes it requires a short text in the morning to make you realise God’s […]