Using Google Apps in the Classroom

Please read my full article here: The Use of Chromebooks and Google Apps in Education There are multiple reasons why we decided to head down the Chromebook and Google App path. While I do not wish to delve into all of these, some of them include: Google Docs automatically Saves – having to remind students to […]

Books. Books. iBooks.

Those that know me know I am not much of a reader. Obviously I have to keep that quite quiet in the classroom, because I want to encourage my class to read as much as possible. To do so, I usually use a lot of picture books as inspiration for reading. I like picture books […]

Performance Pay Gets in the Way

In Education in New Zealand over the last couple of months, we have heard the threats of performance pay, and bumping up class sizes, and developing better teachers. This has been well documented in the press, with recent articles on Stuff outlining the intentions of the current Government. – 16 May, 2012 – […]

Guidelines for Classroom Blogs

It can be a tricky task selecting what to include in your classroom blog, and what to leave out. The following are some guidelines that will hopefully keep you safe, whilst allowing your content to remain interesting and keep students and parents informed. 1. Keep it about the learning Focus the content and theme of […]

15 Activities for Interactive Whiteboards

Ever since getting an Interactive Whiteboard in my classroom, I have been building a database of bookmarks in my browser. Keeping these organised into folders makes it very easy for students to find and access, without having to type anything, so that they can get to the links by a series of clicks on the […]

Teaching: The Noise Level

A while back I made a class resource that was as much fun making as it is using. Many people use the Traffic Light model for noise level indication, with Red being “Silent”, Orange being “Quietly Working” and Green being “Talking”. I decided it needed something extra, and so, using inspiration from Charles Dickens and […]


The day started in an empty classroom. Alarm bells not ringing because of the earlier disengagement, the chairs and desks stacked tidily in the corner. As I began to place the desks around the room, I began to realise the sheer number of cuts and toggles that made up this jigsaw. taller desks had to […]