So today I opened up an old songbook of mine, and found a song I wrote almost two years ago in memory of Tom Allen, a guy I grew up through Boys’ Brigade with. It hurts me to sing it. It hurts me more that I lost two verses of it on the computer. So […]

Lake Wairarapa

Today Vicky and I headed out into the countryside to Lake Wairarapa, about an hours drive north of Wellington. A few years back I had done a tramp over the Rimutaka Incline, and walked down the road along the lakeside, before heading back over the ranges to Mt Matthews and Catchpoole. That was until I […]


Today Autumn arrived. Well – its more like winter. The cold gusty breeze knocked through the Hutt today and took all of the beautiful leaves off their branches, leaving them even more beautiful on the sheltered floor. Took me back to childhood once more, of raking them into piles and hiding oneself in them.

Childhood Return

Lately I’ve been noticing things that have returned me to childhood. Last week I started a painting series looking at Days Bay, where I went to school. This week it has been Fejoa’s. We used to have 2 huge Fejoa trees in our front yard. It was a regular exercise, heading out there with buckets […]

Re:Living Day’s Bay

This morning Vicky had time before she had to go to work, so we set out on a little photography expedition. We headed out to Day’s Bay – a little bay along the East penninsular of Wellington Harbour. It is a beautiful setting, and one very close to my heart as it is the location […]