David Crowder Band – Give Us Rest – Review

David Crowder Band – Give Us Rest (or A Requiem Mass In C [The Happiest of All Keys]) A long drawn out title for an album, but considering this is said to be their last studio album, I guess they can call it what ever they want. It is a 2 disc set, with both discs […]

Hillsong Live – God is Able: Review

The first time I listened through the album I was a tad disappointed. Usually there’s a bit of a guarantee that there’ll be a hit song on a Hillsong album. But nothing stood out. So I do what I usually do, and put the CD in my car. It’s now been in there for 3 […]

Avalanche City: Our New Life Above the Ground – Review

Avalanche City – not a place that has a very welcoming name, nor would you want to spend the night. There is no wonder that the population of Avalanche City is one. Just one guy. Dave Baxter. But when you listen to the layers of music and the fullness of each sound, and you read […]

Fly My Pretties: A Story – Review

Last week I got myself a copy of Fly My Pretty’s “A Story”. After playing ‘Old Friends’ with a couple of mates at a talent quest, and loving the mix of country, folk, and blues sound, I was quite looking forward to the prospects of the rest of the album. The presentation is beautiful. I’ve […]

Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More – Review

This won’t be the first review ever written for Mumford & Sons, and there’s probably countless other website more reputable for music reviews than this, but these are my four cents worth anyway. Mumford & Sons definitely live up to their reputation. At the moment, they’re mostly known for their single “Little Lion Man” which appears on […]

Switchfoot: Hello Hurricane – Review

Hello Hurricane is the 7th studio album by Switchfoot. And it’s a stunner. It delves into those rock roots of Switchfoot, as well as adding those mellow tones we’ve come to know and love. There are hints of Audio Adrenaline, All Star United as well as Wolfmother and Fall Out Boy all mixed into one. […]

David Crowder Band: Church Music – Review

This latest album release from David Crowder pushes him further into musical genius, but further away from a more traditional view of what contemporary church music is. Whilst his earlier albums have been ground breaking in the way that we view worship, this latest piece leaves very little in the way of practical songs that […]

Kevin Max: The Imposter – Review

At first listening, Kevin’s Album title ‘The Imposter’ was averagely similar to his first one. I got it in a bargin bin for $10 to be honest! (It was released AGES ago…)But it’s solid. The music comes out and there’s a bit of extra grunt behind the guitars that was somewhat lacking in the first […]

Tobymac: Portable Sounds – Review

The latest album by Tobymac, titled Portable Sounds has been playing through my earphones for the last 3 months or so. But why I’m writing about it now is because it has finally clicked with me.Unlike his previous albums which are titled after tracks on the CD, this one is separately titled.I brushed this aside, […]