WordPress – New Post Label

I have recently implemented this code to create a new post label on my own site. Previously, I had just used a simple script to put a new label on the latest post. Now, the code checks the post’s date against the date two weeks ago. If it is less than that, then it displays […]

Easy Does it. Done

Ever since about a month after moving into our Park Ave apartment, we’ve known we wanted to move out. Now, we have a place to move to. That’s right. Vicky and Al have bought their first house! And it all seemed to happen so easily! We looked on Trade Me and Open2View and found a […]

Worship: Choosing to Live

Worship is often associated with music, singing, lifting your hands, closing your eyes and going to church. But how much more could it be if we look t the true essence of what is worship? Worship is a choice. We chose to give God our praise and surrender to Him. We sing the words of […]


To be waken by the plain, simple meow of a cat stuck on the roof outside the window of your two story home. Usually, waking me at such time on the only day I have to sleep in will result in a shrug and a turn to the otherside of the bed to resume my […]


In December of 2009 I decided I wanted more. More of God. More inspiration. More of life. I was sick of sitting at homegroup feeling convicted, guilty and ‘not christian’ enough because I didn’t read the bible or pray regularly. I was sick of not getting the most out of this life I am supposedly […]


Positivity works. For students who are always talked down to, who are always told what not to do, who are continually run down because they can’t manage to work with other students well… Positivity works. I tried things today. Yesterday was horrible. The constant chatter was driving me senseless. After talking about it in the […]


The day started in an empty classroom. Alarm bells not ringing because of the earlier disengagement, the chairs and desks stacked tidily in the corner. As I began to place the desks around the room, I began to realise the sheer number of cuts and toggles that made up this jigsaw. taller desks had to […]

Drive By

Decided to pay my ol’ friend Richard Prouse a visit after school today whilst I waited for Vicky to finish work. It was a beautiful day, and an excellent way to un-wind after a difficult day’s teaching.


Today I decided to get the mop chopped off. I was originally going to try get it to the length it was last time I went overseas, but with teaching and having to look good, I had to have it shaved.


Today was capped off by a beautiful rainbow over Wainui. After an enjoyable day working in a school, it was refreshing to see God’s promise over the Valley, and over my life. A lot of things at the moment are in His hands, and I am trusting in him each and every day. This is […]

Upside Down

Today I was glad that I didn’t get called to relieve. Which is a strange thing to say, because I am genuinely loving being a reliever. Upside down thinking. No – today, when it turned 9:00am, and I knew the chances of getting a call up were minimal, my heart jumped for joy. For today, […]


Often life gets busy. This week I have been working at few different schools. I also have a lot of work going on in the background, such as the church website, and some paintings which I have started, but haven’t been able to finish. For me, this week has been about learning to rest. I […]