Plank Transport

The last few weeks we have been filming at BB a Planking Safety Video, raising awareness of the dangers of planking. In the process, just filling in the details for it to look authentic, I redesigned the “Land Transport NZ” logo, to fit in for our cause. It’s only for a tiny little part of […]


So today I opened up an old songbook of mine, and found a song I wrote almost two years ago in memory of Tom Allen, a guy I grew up through Boys’ Brigade with. It hurts me to sing it. It hurts me more that I lost two verses of it on the computer. So […]


This weekend was the traditional Labour Weekend Camp with Boys’ Brigade. We had a total of 11 boys attend, the most it has been in the last 5 years. Add to that, we had a weather pocket of summer, where all three days were solid sunshine – also a first in the last 5 years! It […]


It was a night to remember. At BB tonight, we set about trying to break world records… or BB records at least. From jumping in undies, to memorizing numbers and eating M&M’s with chopsticks; we did them all. This one beats the cake though. We got the boys to pile into my beloved Mini, cramming […]

Spectator Fire

Happy 60th Birthday 2nd Wellington. To celebrate, 2nd Wellington Boys’ Brigade challenged the other BB companies to a friendly duel of Paintball. Chickening out is my motto when it comes to this; plus – someone needed to take photos! In the process of taking said snapshots, I did managed to get caught in some crossfire. […]


Today I fell in love with plastic wounds. We were running a First Aid practical for our juniors as their last night of badges at BB. Mum managed to dig out some of Dad’s old fake plastic wounds and some fake blood. We dressed the seniors up in these bits of plastic and rubber, and […]


Now, this is not stacks. Stacks was legendary in its day. NLDC 2000! But this is another one of our favourite BB passtimes. Although this year it was so much better being the LIC, and not having to be one of the ones on the bottom! I was pretty impressed with the guys. They showed […]

Planning the Term that was

BB went by so fast last term that before we felt like we even got started we had finished. Tonight we had a planning meeting for Term 2, sorting out the badges we would do and the Squads. Quite a lot to get through, but we managed to keep it under 2 hours which was […]


Tonight was our last night of Boys’ Brigade for the Term. We decided that we’d go and do a very manly Boys’ Brigade thing and light a fire. Intended to be large, we were somewhat restricted by the council specifying that it had to be a ‘small fire’. What constitutes a small fire? Is lighting […]


Life is like stacks sometimes. We have one thing going, one project, one book we have to read, or one thing we had planned for the day. Then life adds another stack on top. Another project, another requirement, reposibility or favour. Soon it all mounts up. I think of all the things I’m stacking up […]

Quality Time

This weekend looked to be a true blessing. Vicky didn’t have any work on, and so we were able to spend most of the day together today. It was good. Although we had to go to help with Race Unity Day, set up and pack up either ends of the day it only added to […]


For Boys’ Brigade this week we headed down to the pier for a spot of fishing. Well – okay… it turned into a spot of hang-a-rod-over-the-edge-and-dangle-some-bait-in-the-water because there were NO bites. I did manage to get some stunning photos though and it was an awesome time with the guys.