Muriwai, 2013

The black sand. The water worn rocks. The steep cliffs. Offshore island. Muriwai has for a long time been an important, yet mythical place for me. I had heard about it for a long time, but have never been there. Until recently, it had just been a well used name in Colin McCahon’s paintings. My […]

Haven Grove Studio – Mural

So its finally finished. After the eradication of the pink, it was time to put up some rock and roll stencils of some famous guitarists. Heres the final result!

Artist to Photographer

Almost a year ago, I made the conscious decision to stop painting, and stop calling myself an artist. A very small part of the decision was due to the lack of time I had; teaching full time, newly married, as well as various other commitments. But the main reason I have stopped has been brewing […]


Today the youth held an auction to raise funds for their trip to India. I had painted a couple of paintings, which is why I was less disappointed than I would have been had I put forward one of my own personal pieces, when one of my pieces went for a mere $100. That is […]


I have just finished wood burning the design I want for my old guitar. It took me about two hours to do with the wood poker kit – surprisingly relaxing and ultimately fulfilling.


A small snapshot from the weekend that I edited tonight.


Looking into the morning sun, across the lush, empty field towards the still bush and distant hills. The magnificence of God’s own creation astounded my complex mind. How could there be any other explanation for all this other than divine inspiration? But my thoughts paused there for only a second before pulling out an old, […]


James 1 vs 22-25. “But be doers of the word, and not only hearers, deluding your own selves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man beholding his natural face in a mirror; for he sees himself, and goes away, and immediately forgets what kind […]


Worship. For the last wee while I’ve become more and more unfulfilled by the worship from the music at church. Its not that its bad music, or that I’m not enjoying it, but the fact that it is not enough for me. In studying it more, I’ve found that worship is so much more than […]


Lately I’ve been flicking through an old hymn book from our church – looking for inspiration from some more traditional songs. As I don’t know how the tune for most of them go, they are quite good to un-pack and use for lyrics to my own songs. This is one I found and put to […]


Herald. Proclaim. Singing out because they can. All through the day there were two Tui’s, calling out across the fences, across the stream and across the tree tops; chirping their beautiful and distinctive call. Proclaiming. How often is it that we talk about things that excite us? How often is it we talk to our […]

No Sweat Fret

Music practice tonight. We practiced the ‘new’ song – “Open up the Gates” (Planetshakers), which has seemingly taken the morning service by storm. After playing it for the first time last Sunday, I found myself with the lead riff and a lot of self inflicted attention – thus causing sweatty hands and the result of […]