Being proud is when you achieve something that you didn’t think you could do. Being proud is when you see your son taking his first steps. Being proud is when you see him scoring his first goal. Being proud is when you see him being honest to you, even when he’s in big trouble. Being […]


In December of 2009 I decided I wanted more. More of God. More inspiration. More of life. I was sick of sitting at homegroup feeling convicted, guilty and ‘not christian’ enough because I didn’t read the bible or pray regularly. I was sick of not getting the most out of this life I am supposedly […]


Positivity works. For students who are always talked down to, who are always told what not to do, who are continually run down because they can’t manage to work with other students well… Positivity works. I tried things today. Yesterday was horrible. The constant chatter was driving me senseless. After talking about it in the […]


The door creaked open. The empty darkness enclosed by the room wait with arms wide open for the waiting stubbed toe of the strangers left foot. Lately I have been a stranger in two completely different abodes. And although I have yet to stub my toe in either of them, it is often how I […]


Today Vicky and I chilled out after the morning service at church and watched a couple of movies. Movies wouldn’t be right without some kind of snack… and just look at what she did to poor little Freddo. He lost his sight. Don’t walk blindly into the future. Ask God to reveal it to you, […]


Life is like stacks sometimes. We have one thing going, one project, one book we have to read, or one thing we had planned for the day. Then life adds another stack on top. Another project, another requirement, reposibility or favour. Soon it all mounts up. I think of all the things I’m stacking up […]


What a waste of time that was. Vicky and I spent half an hour driving around a car park. Not even continuously looking for one, but stuck in the traffic jam as everyone else was looking for one also. Joy! So the Monet didn’t happen today – but we did manage to get up to […]


For a few years now I’ve been trying things to give up on a problem I have. 4 or 5 months ago, Vicky got me this little Turkey. Its not just any turkey though… Its a Cold Turkey. At first it helped, then it got discarded to the side of the work desk. But recently […]


Isn’t it funny? In the middle of our backyard. Nothing around it. A single, white, small mushroom. Yet it had to get there some how. In life we are sometimes alone. Sometimes we’re the only one who stands up for something. Sometimes we’re the only one seemingly helping someone else. But somehow, we got there. […]

In my box

Isn’t it funny how we can get comfortable? When life around us begins to get boring purely because we’re doing the same things we’ve always done. Yet when we get thrown out into the deep end, we get all stressed out and worried over life that we completely lose focus. I think sometimes we get […]