Al – Horizontal – 2009


My very first horizontally sliding website. Each page has it’s own anchor link, and uses jQuery to smooth slide to that page to the right. Each page has an arrow that takes you to the next page. The background I created from scratch in Photoshop. The more button slides the navigation to the top, and the content slides down from under the bar. I was very happy with the final result, though it did have it’s fair share of bugs throughout the site. If I had a bit more knowledge and time, I possibly could have taken it further. This website was all hard coded, and was pre-Wordpress designed.

I still very much enjoy the technical aspects of this design. I would like to revisit this style of design at some stage, though with the developments in mobile web design, I’m not sure whether this kind of website will work on all devices.


  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Horizontal design
  • jQuery sliding content
  • jQuery smooth scroll to anchors
  • All original graphics.