Heavenly Eclipse; When the Son comes between the Earth and the Moon, 2009


This painting is one of the last paintings I have done in Acrylics, before moving to using oil paints for the majority of my works. The landscape is based on a generic New Zealand coast. I really enjoyed working with the light and the shadow on the crucifix. The title is in homage to JWM Turner’s exorbitant title’s, and also has a bit of play on words.

Its a painting I started a while back, but did not finish. It was lacking something. While I was happy with how it was, I felt it needed more. I was recently asked to put forward a painting for an art auction which was to held fund a missions trip to Russia for Matt Renata from our church. After thinking about it, and praying about it, I came to the decision to put this piece forward. While I was pleased with how it finished up, because of the time spent in its unfinished state, there was less emotional attachment to it compared to other paintings I have done.

The painting did not sell at auction.