Arakura School – 2013


Recently I have begun work on re-designing the work website. Often the first place people will go (I know I often do) when researching about a school is to their web-page. And there are plenty of schools out there where the design is poor to reasonably poor. Ultimately that can be a very big factor on people’s perception of a school. As we look to head into a period of advertising our school to bolster enrollments, it was obvious that we needed a re-design.

I had previously built some graphics for the school Facebook page, and so decided to use these as a basis for the website.

This site is still under a bit of development as I get photo permissions sorted, and add in some final adjustments and pages.


  • SkyBlueCanvas (UltraLite CMS – txt based database)
  • PHP
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Slideshow on home page
  • Responsive web design
  • Adjusting header bar as user window scrolls down
  • Subtle texture background graphics
  • Custom side-bars and page images for each page
  • Google Webfonts
  • Facebook sidebar integration