Muriwai, 2013

The black sand. The water worn rocks. The steep cliffs. Offshore island. Muriwai has for a long time been an important, yet mythical place for me. I had heard about it for a long time, but have never been there. Until recently, it had just been a well used name in Colin McCahon’s paintings. My […]

One Tree, 2013

This weekend I had the opportunity to go up to the top of One Tree Hill, Auckland. Armed with my trusty camera, I decided to document the site, as well as tell the story that makes this photo somewhat more significant than a patch of parched grass looking out to a modern day metropolis. Hopefully, […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Photography

Everyone who starts out in photography begins at square one, snapping off photos. But how do I get better at it? What are some things I can begin to look for in order to become better at this art-form? What makes a good photo? What should I take photos of? In the next few pages […]

10 Amazing Photos of the Starry Night Sky

I have always loved looking up at the night sky. I’ve always enjoyed staying up late, and having developed my photography skills, I’ve become fascinated by night sky photography. 500px is a great place to find inspiration on the matter. The following are some of my favourites from a selection of photographers that dedicate their […]

Latest and Greatest

Having recently been looking at my statistics on I noticed that there was an interesting and positive trend that most photographers want to see. That is that my latest photos are the ones getting the most popularity. Maybe it’s a case of more people are following my photos, and so my latest photos are getting […]

Abandoned, 2012 – How it Happened

Last weekend I came across this spot whilst on holiday on the Kapiti Coast. I had been taking photos all day, and had just headed up in a different direction to before. Upon hitting the beach down a sandy path, the scene jumped out at me and I stopped. I stopped, put out the tripod […]

Canon 7D: an amateur’s review

Last week I purchased my first new DSLR camera. It wasn’t a difficult decision given the current range and my photography background. My Background In February I had upgraded from my 2 year old Canon EOS 350D to a second hand Canon EOS 550D. I was suitably happy with the 550D, but I soon realised […]

Photography Sunset: Step by Step

Tonight I headed out to Port Road to take a few photos of the sunset. Its been a while since I’ve been out. When I got back I thought I’d go through the process that I do with the majority of the photos that I want to keep, and I thought I’d put together this […]

DIY: Flash Diffuser

Recently I added to my photography collection a dedicated flash unit. And immediately realised that with my style of photography, I was going to need to get a diffuser. A subsequent search online for diffusers showed a variety ranging from $7 to $30 (NZD), with guarantee that they would fit my flash. It was only […]

Exhibition – A new way of looking at Flickr

Whilst I was away in the Hawkes Bay, I had a vision to use a Flickr Feed and some jQuery magic to create a realistic “Gallery Wall”. The design is to look like a photography exhibition, as it would be on the wall of a museum or art gallery. The great thing is, I’m releasing […]