Comments passed are usually friends made

I have finally been able to get access to the server and change a few settings. Now you should be able to get to this blog at have also been working on a database so that you are able to post comments for each individual artwork at All you have to do is […]

When it all comes tumbling down…

It could be the worst day in history. Recent history anyway – and definately this week. Arising out of nothing, but more like the last straw which broke the camels back. For those who know the situation I’m going though – I apologise for my shrewed behaviour but the whole thing has got me spitting […]

Windows XP – Change to Vista!

I’ve just spent most of the day modifying Windows XP so that it looks like Windows Vista. So far so good. There are various ways to do this, as there are for converting your XP into a Mac…The best resource I found was UXTheme Multi Patcher which allows you to use themes like you could […]

Oil Painting | Revisited : part 2

Continued with my oil painting today. Started a new one. I have found it takes ages to build up the layers to get the paint as thick and painterly as Turner did. I will continue to explore the limits of oils which I am beginning to enjoy working with. There’s just something about them that […]