Update // New Site

I have started work on the new site. What would I want a new site for? Its not out of necessity. Its more to do with getting bored with the current one and the limitations of it (in terms of content I can put onto it etc…) and the fact that I need a new […]

Jars of Clay // Good Monsters

Jars of Clay – increasingly becoming my favourite band is releasing a new albumn – “Good Monsters”.Their website is amazing. www.jarsofclay.com For the last 5 or 6 years they have been pushing the limits of Flash technology. I remember their very cool navigation system which was the model for my own navigation system, with the […]

Soul Purpose & Love Music Good

These two top New Zealand sites – soulpurpose.co.nz and lovemusicgood.co.nz both look at relevant topics for Christians in the world today. Love Music Good gives great music reviews on all the latest Christian music releases, whilst Soul Purpose covers things from life to love to music. It is a bit more expanded, with a free […]

Dreams be Dreams

“Let Dreams be Dreams, and all this living is so much harder than itseems.” – Jack Johnson.You know those really realistic dreams which happen, and you findyourself disappointed when you wake up. Its usually because it was ahypothetical case which you desperately desired to be true – such aswinning lotto, or it being Christmas. Or […]

Affordable Art Show : Success Rate

After a long wait results of who sold work were relaesed online today. Scrolling down to my number, 994 – I found out the news I had been waiting for.Four of my selected 5 works were sold. YAY!I can’t remember quite how much I put on them, but rough estimate at this stage is over […]

Affordable Art Show : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Afforable Arts is a great idea, is well managed, well run with lots of support and contact letting people know exactly where things are at.In the past the shows have been awesome events, with great artworks on display for all to see, and for a limited few, a hand slipping deep into their wallets. Art […]

Mmmmm Yummy – Wax Medium

I bought myself some extra oil paints and with them some Wax Medium, which is meant to help thicken the paint while you apply it to the canvas. Turner used wax in his paintings for this exact purpose, so I figure that if it was good enough for him to use, it might just be […]

The death of the tree: A limited edition…

Dominion Post – 31 July 2006; article on the Affordable Arts (of which my works got accepted). Some 300 paintings got turned down, just for the sheer number that were of a similar theme. That theme: Nikau Palms, New Zealand Cabbage Trees and the like…It would have been quite a big call to make on […]

Comments passed are usually friends made

I have finally been able to get access to the server and change a few settings. Now you should be able to get to this blog at http://blog.alingham.vze.com.I have also been working on a database so that you are able to post comments for each individual artwork at http://art.alingham.vze.com. All you have to do is […]

When it all comes tumbling down…

It could be the worst day in history. Recent history anyway – and definately this week. Arising out of nothing, but more like the last straw which broke the camels back. For those who know the situation I’m going though – I apologise for my shrewed behaviour but the whole thing has got me spitting […]

Windows XP – Change to Vista!

I’ve just spent most of the day modifying Windows XP so that it looks like Windows Vista. So far so good. There are various ways to do this, as there are for converting your XP into a Mac…The best resource I found was UXTheme Multi Patcher which allows you to use themes like you could […]

Oil Painting | Revisited : part 2

Continued with my oil painting today. Started a new one. I have found it takes ages to build up the layers to get the paint as thick and painterly as Turner did. I will continue to explore the limits of oils which I am beginning to enjoy working with. There’s just something about them that […]