Guitar Templates SVG

Since first embarking on this journey to amateur luthiery, I’ve been scouring the net for useful resources. Some of the first files I downloaded came from Fender-ish; a Google site with a collection of PDF’s of scale drawings of a range of different guitars. These Guitar templates and guitar plans were great, and I quickly chose a couple to print out full scale and get building.

Then I developed some Photoshop files from various files I’d found around and about. You can find these over at my other page.

Guitar Templates PSD Files

However, I was then introduced to SVG files. Obviously I’d used vector based programmes before, but SVG files are traditionally used as “scaleable” images, such as logos and the like, where different sizes are required. This is one thing you wouldn’t want as a guitar builder! But the benefit of these files is that they are vector based, and the curves are that much better. They are also compatible in a lot more programmes; as well as being a smaller file size.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Files

Below are the selection of guitar templates I have made into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files for you.

Fender Stratocaster Template

Stratocaster Plan and Template
Stratocaster – BODY ONLY
Download .SVG (140kb)

Fender Telecaster Template

Telecaster Plan and Template
To Come

Gibson Les Paul Template

Les Paul Plan and Template



To come

Gibson ES-355 Template

ES-355 Plan and Template



To come


  • These SVG files have been made by importing 1:1 scale drawings from PDF into Inkscape full size and then copying out the parts to each layer. There are NO guarantees that these will be exact; but they should be pretty accurate for your design needs.
  • Each SVG file was made using Inkscape 0.91. There are no guarantees that the SVG document will open in your particular SVG editor. There is no harm in trying.
  • No support is given for these files.

Please comment below if you notice and problems with the designs, or if you have any suggestions for improvements or features you want to see in future versions of these files.

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