Flash 2003 / 2007 Acrylic on canvas; reworked in Oil, 2007 305 x 410 Private collection This portrait of my childhood cat growing up, I decided to try my hand at animal portraits and capturing a degree of realism for my work. In 2007, after his death, I decided to rework this piece, as it […]

Fence Post

Fence Post 2003 Acrylic on calico 620 x 2230 Sold This piece continues the landscape studies of McCahon in my collection. It is a tall, skinny mural that towers above the viewer, over two metres tall. The foreground is solidified with a fence that divides the viewer from the hills. The hills are divided, and […]


Creation 2003 Acrylic on un-stretched calico 1890 x 490 Sold Here I take the next step of building my love of the works of Colin McCahon. The text is blended with the landscape, with the sharp cubist lines and deep greens of the hills. There is a darkness to this work, but the white clouds […]


Church 2003 Acrylic on un-stretched calico 1890 x 350 Sold One of my first works that I sold at exhibition, this work depicts a typical country church in a vast landscape. This piece measures 1.9m across, and was created on calico, a thinner canvas. In a way, I was inspired by Grahame Sydney for this […]

Blue Moon

Blue Moon 2003 Acrylic on canvas (damaged) 380 x 760 Private collection One of the early landscape works where I explored the sense of a blue moon, with it rising over still waters. The additional aspect to this work is that it can be hung as pictured, or turned ‘upside down’ through 180 degrees. For […]


Apocalypse 2003 Acrylic on Hessian 1170 x 1790 Private collection This is the largest piece I have painted so far. It is also my first on hessian. I was surprised at how much paint was required to paint on this surface. This work harks back to Checkmate, an earlier work, where I explore different realms […]