Website Design Projects

Recently I have been designing and fixing a few websites, implimenting new photo galleries and editors which I have made using php. The gallery is particularly cool, where it will take all the folders in a directory (such as /images/) and will display them as links. Click on the links and it will display all the images in thumbnail form which reside in that folder. Click on those and it will show a large version of that image. (Sample can be found here —>
The coolest thing about it is it is now completely dynamic. Before, I had it so that you would have to put in the name of the folder in the directory, and name the images a certain way (camp-01.jpg, camp-02.jpg) etc… Whilst this was brilliant in itself where that was all you had to do to display a folder full of images by adding a couple of lines of code, there was to be a better way. Now it gets the list of all the folders in the images directory, displays them, AND displays all the images in the folder, regardless of their filename! What this means is that all that is required is to drop a folder full of images in the images folder and upload it to the server, and boom! just like that you have a new photo page!
‘Till next time…