Update // Painting Gallery // 25//06//07

I’ve just updated the gallery. While it may not be apparent exactly what I have changed, it will make sense when you hear about it.

To get the images in the gallery, the script opens the directory, searches through all the image files in that directory and outputs them. This essentially means that to add an artwork all I need to do is put the new painting in the folder, update the database (for all the information about the painting) and hey presto, I have myself a gallery!

The problem has been, is that when the script outputs the files in the directory, it automatically sorts them into alphabetical order. This means that my latest finished pieces are almost impossible to find, as you never know where to look when you first enter the gallery.

I have put in place a date sorting order in the script, so that now, it will get the date that the piece was uploaded, and so the latest pieces will be displayed down the bottom of the page.

I’ve been making plans for a couple more changes to the gallery too, including:
– Adding the full image of the latest painting at the top of the gallery…
– Adding in small ‘snippet’ cards at the bottom of each painting, which upon clicking (or mouseOver) will pop up a tool tip of the information about that painting – almost like those little cards you see in art galleries next to the painting on the wall which tells you the artist, the title, year and how much it wold hurt your back pocket!

Not sure when these changes will be implemented.

‘Till next time…