Christmas Lunch


Christmas Lunch

It wouldn’t be right but to make a post about Christmas. In amongst all the presents, food and family, I hope that you are able to remember the reason why we celebrate.
Else, you can just enjoy the company of your friends and family, have a picnic on top of one another. But there is nothing more fulfilling about Christmas than celebrating Jesus’ birthday.




Opening your eyes to a brand new world is never easy. It can be terrifying when you reflect on your own world. But it can also make you humbly grateful for the privileged life you do lead.

On the one hand, you are a mere bee in the thriving hive called Earth. The 15mins of fame you dream of is a distant relative no one sees or talks to. There is no chance your art, your website, nor your music will get you anywhere in the world of fame. You are one out of four million New Zealanders visiting a city of four million, and no one will know that you have made a mark.

On the other hand you have a world famous church adding to the musical taste of contemporary music meeting each week. All signs would suggest that their congregation is actually smaller than a similarly focussed church in our home town. A church that when I first went was only about the size that our current church is at today. (Not that the size of your church has anything to do with it!)

When you have a city of four million, there are obviously going to be some less fortunate than yourself. The drug addict, alcoholic, the homeless and the depressed. The mentally ill, physically ill and the pennyless. These people have a world view of less claim to fame than myself. They’re most likely not going to get the chance to visit another country, let alone another city. They don’t even have the opportunity to dread a family Christmas dinner. They don’t have endless happy photographs smiling flawlessly from countless photo albums.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He didn’t come with the mission of being famous. He didn’t come to travel the world and collate memories. He came to bring rest for the restless, food for the hungry, clothes for the naked and shelter for the homeless. He came to give hope to those that could find no hope left in their lives. He came to give life to those that were socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually dead.

What difference can I make?

I am but one person visiting a city of 4 million.
I am but one person who hails from a country of 4 million.
I am but one person who lives in a city of 90 thousand.
I am but one person working in a town of 30 thousand.
I am but one person in a school of 200.
I am one teacher in a class of 30 students.
I am one leader of a Boys Brigade company of 25 boys.
I am one member of a worship team of 10.

I am only one person.

But I don’t have to change the whole world. Jesus has already done that.

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Today Vicky and I headed to Percy’s Reserve with some friends. In the middle of the hot afternoon, we went for the 20 min walk to see the waterfall.

In all its splendor it showered down, and it was refreshing to spend some time in God’s creation with Vicky at my side. A true blessing




Today the youth held an auction to raise funds for their trip to India.
I had painted a couple of paintings, which is why I was less disappointed than I would have been had I put forward one of my own personal pieces, when one of my pieces went for a mere $100.

That is not to judge the person who bid on it, who may have spent all their budget on it, but if I were selling that piece proffessionally, it’d fetch over $250, no trouble.

So unfortunately, that may be the last art auction I participate in. Unless my art is going to be valued appropriatly, there is little chance I will put in the time nor effort into it in the future.




Today I finished stripping back my guitar. Its been a long process, but it has provided me with some downtime and some metal stress release from work.

I’m now going over with finer sandpaper to smooth it out. I need to get a few white bits sanded out as well.

I am getting together some ideas for the design that I’m going to wood-burn into the wood. I’m thinking an old vintage logo around the sound hole, or words across the whole front of the guitar.




This weekend was the traditional Labour Weekend Camp with Boys’ Brigade. We had a total of 11 boys attend, the most it has been in the last 5 years. Add to that, we had a weather pocket of summer, where all three days were solid sunshine – also a first in the last 5 years!

It was also the first camp I took my DSLR on, which allowed me to do quite a bit of photographing and playing around. My focus for this camp was looking at water and getting those cool silky smooth shots. All without a tripod! It took a while, but I was quite pleased with the outcome.




It was a night to remember.

At BB tonight, we set about trying to break world records… or BB records at least. From jumping in undies, to memorizing numbers and eating M&M’s with chopsticks; we did them all.

This one beats the cake though. We got the boys to pile into my beloved Mini, cramming them into the various nooks and crannies. We managed to get 16 boys into it.

The world record is 18. However, the world record needs to have everyone over the age of 18 and needs to be over 5 foot 6 in height. But it was a blinkin’ good effort all the same!