Uncomfortable Comfort

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Gordon, our adopted cat, is not much for human contact. When we first met, she wriggled herself into a frenzy to avoid human contact. The only way you can hold her is upside down on her back, much like rock-a-by baby. She will only sleep on top of your bed covers ad certainly never higher […]

Tele Look

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A week ago I decided to sell my red Squier Chambered Tele and upgrade to a new one. Originally I wanted one of the traditional blonde one’s with the black pickguard – but they only make them starting from $1499, which is the kind of money I don’t spend on guitars. So I went with […]

Mini Boot

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For a while I’ve been meaning to get around to finishing off my Mini’s boot. Since I got it painted, I ripped out the old backing, and was ready to put the new carpet base in. A can of adhesive spray that sticks your arm hair together later and it was done!

Return of the Mini

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It took a long, agonising six weeks. After an initial quoted two, and minimal customer contact, I finally got back my beloved Mini yesterday. It needed some rust taken out of it, and so I figured that whilst that was getting done, Id pay a few extra dollars and come away with the paint job […]


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It was a celebratory trip to Staglands with Vicky. With the Mini safely back in my hands, it was time for a road trip. We headed out to Staglands, and then continued on out across the Akatarera’s to Lindale, Paraparaumu and to Plimerton for Dinner. These are some of the old rustic photos I took […]

Parade Cafe

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I have to say, if you’re ever in Wellington, looking for somewhere for lunch – you have to go to Parade Cafe. A group of us from TLC would often visit there once in a while and my less adventurous (or less wealthy) self would stick to their seasoned wedges. They are awesome! Today I […]


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Today is the first day of the year. As a family (with soon to be Sister-in-Law and Vicky!) we headed up to the Rimutaka Incline. Nicola, Bridget and Stu were going to be biking over the journey, and Vicky, Mum, Dad and myself were just going for the trip up there. The Mini survived! It […]

New Years

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New Years Eve is always awesome. Ever since I’ve known Vicky, we’ve cruised up to her place and had a BBQ supper with a Brasier. This year was no different. Only difference was, we had to bring along an LP of some sort to keep us entertained through the night. Whilst there were meant to […]

NZ Christmas

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Having spent a couple of Christmas’ overseas in far away lands, the Pohutakawa is one thing we take for granted over here in New Zealand. Its cherry red blossom on the stroke of Christmas is a true season blessing. It makes you feel like everything is okay in the world. It shines out and says […]