Photography Sunset: Step by Step

Tonight I headed out to Port Road to take a few photos of the sunset. Its been a while since I’ve been out. When I got back I thought I’d go through the process that I do with the majority of the photos that I want to keep, and I thought I’d put together this […]

Good Friday Cross 2012

Every year since 2001 I have made a cross on Good Friday. My first one was made on the shores of Lake Rotowiti whilst on Solo (3 days in the bush alone). Each year I set out to do something a little different. This has included a stop motion video, to using a light to […]

How to build a Mandolin

The following is some of the things I learned along the way of building and constructing my kitset Mandolin. The kitset is a SAGA Mandolin AM-10. I suspect other kits are similar in the pieces they include. Hopefully, you read this BEFORE constructing, and so you don’t make some of the same mistakes I did. […]

Mandolin: Alpha

Last week I ordered my very first (and possibly last) Mandolin kit set. It is a SAGA Mandolin Kit AM-10. I have begun on this weekend project in order to get me away from the drab boringness of Facebook and TV. So far, none of it has been done in the weekend – such is […]

Mr Mexted

Today I found out that one of my favorite teachers passed away. Roger Mexted was my teacher in Standard 4 (Year 6) in 1993. But he wasnt just any teacher. When I was in sixth form, it was Mr Mexted who was the teacher I thought of first when I realised I wanted to become […]


Note: I apologised that this has taken so long to upload – but when youre without Internet it makes it difficult. A late summers day. A decision was to be made. A life changing event to be planned, organized and carried out in a few months time. I had always wanted an outdoor wedding. But […]