Body Blank

Here’s a little insight into how I build and prepare a body blank for my electric guitars. This particular build is from New Zealand Black Beech and a strip of Puriri. The Black Beech board was about 1000 x 180 x 50mm. I spent half an hour cutting one edge square on the table saw, […]

Background Images – Center 33%

So for as long as I can remember, I’ve been using “background-position: center center” to center the background images that are stretched to cover the full background. These images will often be cropped, as they don’t always fit the set size. But lately, I’ve been noticing that this doesn’t always work out for the best. […]

D.I.Y Disc Sander

In the past, I have written these kinds of projects up in a how to. Others make a YouTube video to show how they made it. However, by the time I thought about it, I’d already mostly finished it, and the moment to take “how-to” photos was gone. So here are the (mostly) finished product […]

Haven Guitars – Electric Guitar – Starling

So over the last 3 months I’ve been slowly working away building my very first guitar. I mean – how hard can it be, right? After completing my mandolin (see How to Build a Mandolin) I figured a solid body electric guitar can’t be too hard. Of course, I started searching on Youtube for some […]

Stand on your own two phantom feet

Two weeks after her 41st birthday, Sue Cook’s life changed for ever. She was on a pheasant shoot when she was injured in a freak accident. A woman standing near her failed to unload the unused cartridges in her gun. As she put it away, both barrels went off. ‘I looked down and stared at […]

Teaching 1-to-1 Devices

In 2014, our school purchased 10 Chromebooks for our sales class that quickly became a fantastic resource in my classroom for teaching the importance of honing in on abandoned carts ( With some of our ‘difficult-to-teach’ pupils suddenly engaged, motivated, and inspired by these, it became clear that the next step was only moments away. […]

Dead to Me

“You’re dead to me.” A saying we use to dismiss someone when you’re annoyed, angry or pissed at someone at a level that you never want to see them again. The hardest thing is having to say this about someone who you like, someone who means something to you, someone who you still consider a […]

Guitar Body Sizes

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been looking into building my first solid body electric guitar. If it’s one thing I’ve learned, preparation is the key. Now I am at the stage where I’m looking to purchase some native timbers in order to make some guitars with a New Zealand flavour and quality. […]

Spicy Sauce: Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath lives up to it’s menacing name, but only if by Dragon they mean little old lady, and by breath they mean a gentle wheeze. Maybe that’s a bit unfair; but its not your most spicy hot sauce. Having a little added extra into the burger, with a bit of mayonnaise this goes down […]

Spicy Sauce: Thai Riffic

Thai Riffic is the second sauce I tried from my World Traveller Hot Sauce pack. It is potentially the lamest named sauce from the pack. If I’m honest, I didn’t enjoy this spicy sauce, purely because of the smell. It’s your typical rice vinegar and chilli smell, mixed in with a wet humid tang of a […]

Spicy Sauce: Hawaiian Lava Flow

This was the first of the spicy sauces I tried from my World Traveller Hot Sauce pack. With a kick on the edge of your tongue, this spicy sauce blends well with the surrounding flavours. It had a mild kick to it, which eventually turns into a roar. It is quite well rounded, and lacks […]

Spiced: World Travellers Hot Sauces

For my birthday this year, my brother and sister-in-law got me a rather large box of the ‘World Travellers Hot Sauces’. There are 15 hot sauces from around the world, and given my delight for anything spicy, I decided that I would write a travel guide through this range of sauces. For each sauce I […]