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My blog of different things happening in my life.

Building a Chambered Body

Guitar Templates PSD – Photoshop

  Stratocaster     TEMPLATE – Stratocaster – BODY ONLY   TEMPLATE – Stratocaster – FULL Telecaster     CHECK BACK SOON   CHECK BACK SOON    …

Good Friday Cross 2016

Each year I make a cross on Good Friday. I have done since sitting on the shores of Lake Rotowiti in 2000 while on ‘Solo’ with Boys’ Brigade…

Making an Electric Guitar Body

Guitar Body Sizes

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been looking into building my first solid body electric guitar. If it’s one thing I’ve learned, preparation is the key….

Depression: When You Understand

I used to think suicide was a way to get attention. I’d threaten it to get someone, anyone, to notice me; to take me seriously. Then I experienced…

How to Build Your Own Pedalboard

As a guitarist one of the things you eventually get into is effects pedals. For many years I used the programmable multi effects units and never needed a…

Good Friday Cross 2014

Each year since I left school I have made a cross in remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice. This year is no different. To make this year’s cross, I was…

My Fight With Depression

In November 2012 I knew there was a problem. I couldn’t focus like I used to. I lost all sense of time. I couldn’t order things into priorities….

Trip to Taranaki

This week, Vicky and I got to head away for our 3rd Wedding anniversary. We got married on the first day of the middle school holidays in 2010….

10 Ways to Improve Your Photography

Everyone who starts out in photography begins at square one, snapping off photos. But how do I get better at it? What are some things I can begin…

Taupo: 2 Years Anniversary

Because I am a teacher, we were able to get married during the July school holidays, and forever have some sort of time off around our anniversary. This…