It was the week before Christmas and all was….

Well – Uni has finished for the year. All is go to get ready for Christmas…. whatever it is that needs to get read.
I’m house sitting a freinds place next week and I’m really looking forward to it.
I’ve also been doing a lot of painting. I hope to get some photos up of some of the progress I’ve been making. I’ve been really enjoying it, even though sometimes I haven’t felt like painting. Which has been my motto in past times. If I don’t feel like painting, I wont, because its not worth putting in the effort to be bothered because the end product is never any good. But this time, I’ve had to because I haven’t painted for a while, so the desire hasn’t been there to get out and paint. Besides the fact I haven’t really had any ideas for paintings for a while. I need context!
‘Till next time…

Lag in Life

Haven’t posted on here for a while due to everything else that is going on.
I am currently in the process of re-designing my entire site, which was going to be white, but is now going to be the inevidable black/dark grey. I’m looking at using as a model.

Futher updates will follow shortly.
‘Till next time…