Editing the Now

I’ve spent two days on this! It is however something that only affects me, and something that many of you will probably think… “What’s he on about!?”
So I decided to update my site a little… and add an editor. But not just any editor…
This editor allows me to login, and then click on any of the text fields, edit them and save them – DIRECTLY ON THE SITE…
Much like the type of application seen on the description fields at flicker.com
It uses AJAX which is dynamic javascript. Its awesome.
I just wish I could show you all!
For an example, go here

‘Till next time…

100 Posts!

Yay! Its here! The 100th post on this blog!
I’ve been working on the new church website on and off for the last couple of weeks. It is yet undecided if it will go ahead – that rests entirely on the shoulders of the website select committee…
But I have told them about it and it has been viewed.
So here’s the link!

I’ve also spent the first part of this week working on assignments, and so far its one down, and about 5-6 more to go! It will almost be never ending!

‘Till next time…

The Laptop Saga // A New Hope…

Here it is!
Finally, after a long long time ago,
in a galaxy far away,
my new laptop arrived.
Toshiba A200

The specs are basically double what my old one had! Which is primo!
It came with Vista Home Basic (Which although is new and looks all good, lacks the major differences from XP that are raved about in Vista promo’s)
So although its cool and I’ll take it, if you are looking at upgrading from XP and get all the cool Vista stuff – get Vista Home Premium.

‘Till next time…

The Latop Saga

So I sent my laptop into the Insurance company to sort out the replacement of either the broken screen or the whole thing last week, Friday.
My friend Emma from TCol had the same thing happen (admittedly her’s had a full grown boy stand on it), and hers was exactly the same computer. Her insurance company replaced her whole computer and she got a new one this week (Yay Emma!)

Wednesday we got a phone call saying that they were just going to replace my screen.
Secondly, the guy asked Mum (I was at uni…) if the hardrive had been wiped. Mum assumed I had done it and thought nothing of it.

Except that I hadn’t.

So somewhere in between me dropping it off at the Insurance company and it arriving at the fix-it people… my hard drive got wiped.
Not good.
So now, not only have I been without my laptop for a week, it’ll take another week to fix, and then I’ll spend another week putting everything back on it and setting it up how I had before.

I may as well have gotten a new computer from a site like nettoyersonmac.fr/antivirus-mac/. Except I won’t have.
This is all not good.

‘Till next time…

Buses running on whose time?

It is a well known fact in Wellington that there is little point looking at the bus timetables. Its better just to sit back, relax and wait for it to come. The times are rough generalizations and merely give you how often they come and go, as opposed to when they will actually come and go (unlike the system in Europe when it will arrive on the dot, and leave not a second too soon, nor too late!) I’ve found it will arrive when it arrives anyway. If it is late, there was and is nothing you can or could do about it.
I’ve been catching the bus into and out of town the past week, since it is a bit cheaper. There have been a few mishaps like ending up in Moera instead of at home… but we all learn from mistakes!
I guess its one of those things I’ve noticed in that people busy themselves and get flustered when the bus is inevitably late. I have done so myself.
But is there anything you can do about it? No.
All you can do is board when it arrives.
Like everyone else.
And mutter under your breath how late it is…
‘Till next time…

Bumper Stickers

Impotence: Nature’s way of saying ‘No Hard Feelings’

Don’t be sexist…. Broads hate that

Constipated people don’t give a crap!

If you can read this, I’ve lost my trailer.

The Earth is full. Go Home.

So many pedestrians…. So little time.

Fight crime… Shoot back!

‘Till next time…

Flickr, Study and the eve of 7 months…

Its been a busy time of late.
I’ve been studying for exams which are next week, Monday 18th and Friday 22nd June. With the amount of reading I’ve done, I’m a bit out of it at the moment and stress is slowly rising.
I’ve spent the in-between times integrating Flickr with my own site to take care of my photo gallery and my new design page.
On Saturday Vicky and I, along with Ian, Hannah and Seth and Esther are heading out to the movies to see Shrek the Third. It should be good. I’ve only met Ian and Seth once before, Hannah is a stranger to me, but it’ll be all good I’m sure.
‘Till next time…

CSS Naked Day

Stumbled across this while browsing through some Design Site. It sounds like a brilliant idea!
CSS Naked Day!!!

Thats right – strip off your CSS and leave the bare minimum on your site!
My site www.alingham.vze.com will be showing all on the day – 5th April 2007. Feel free to check it out.
If you run your own site, have a laugh, a bit of fun. Can you imagine what it’d be like if the whole world wide web suddenly became void of CSS for just one day!? What a marvelous and confusing place it would be!!!

It was the week before Christmas and all was….

Well – Uni has finished for the year. All is go to get ready for Christmas…. whatever it is that needs to get read.
I’m house sitting a freinds place next week and I’m really looking forward to it.
I’ve also been doing a lot of painting. I hope to get some photos up of some of the progress I’ve been making. I’ve been really enjoying it, even though sometimes I haven’t felt like painting. Which has been my motto in past times. If I don’t feel like painting, I wont, because its not worth putting in the effort to be bothered because the end product is never any good. But this time, I’ve had to because I haven’t painted for a while, so the desire hasn’t been there to get out and paint. Besides the fact I haven’t really had any ideas for paintings for a while. I need context!
‘Till next time…

Lag in Life

Haven’t posted on here for a while due to everything else that is going on.
I am currently in the process of re-designing my entire site, which was going to be white, but is now going to be the inevidable black/dark grey. I’m looking at using www.underoath777.com as a model.

Futher updates will follow shortly.
‘Till next time…