Training Plan

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Having never run 10km in one shot before, I figured I’m going to need to do a bit of work to get there. Thankfully, the Mental Health Foundation have a training programme set up for the Auckland Marathon event.  So, I’ve gone through and colour coded the runs depending on the pace for each one, […]

Three Hours In…

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Seriously!? I’m blown away. It turns out I know some incredibly generous people! Thanks to all who have given so far. I don’t even care how much, every little bit helps! I am amazed at people’s generosity. I’ve reached my target in only three hours. So…. Time to set a secondary goal… I’m thinking $1000.  […]

Mini Bonnet Badge

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    With the new installation going on of a Honda VTec in the Mini, there are a number of elements to think about and contemplate.  On Friday, we ran out of gas for the welder, and so my attention goes elsewhere to the build. One of the things I can do is work on […]

VTec in the Mini – First Dry Fit

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So today is a pretty massive day in the life of MAHVIN. Today, the VTec went into the engine bay for the very first time. Not only that but the subframe tower bolts went in and the car become one part. Sure – there are still some adjustments to be made, and some parts need […]

VTec Subframe

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The fabrication of the front subframe that will house the VTec in MAHVIN is just about finished. Today the under support arms went on which firmed up the wings and engine mounts no end. Up until now, the Engine has been supporting the subframe as we built the subframe around it to fit. Now, for […]

MAHVIN the Mini

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In 2008 I purchased a 1980 Morris Mini LE. It is still my dream car, and I love that I own one. Since owning it, I have replaced just about everything on it with something newer and more reliable. That was the plan anyway. In 2013, my brother and I put in a 1275 engine. However, […]