Between the Earth and the Moon

I have just finished my latest work “Heavenly Eclipse; When the Son comes between the Earth and the Moon” (See it here)Its a painting I started a while back, but did not finish. It was lacking something. While I was happy with how it was, I felt it needed more. I was recently asked to […]

Art No More

I am no longer an artist. I renounce being called an artist. From this day on I will create paintings, not art. I am a painter, not an artist.If the bollocks that is being shown in art galleries is art, then I do not want to be associated with it. I no longer have the […]

Open Gate; To a world where everyone is welcome, yet few enter

I have finally found enough time in the day to finish this painting. I started it a few months back and followed an example of Turner’s to create something of likeness. I really enjoyed its looseness in subject matter and only added the figure in at the last moment.Let me know what you think!!!You can […]

deviant Art’ve recently just got back into updating this database of my works. I found it was a lot of work because I was essentially updating two sites with the same stuff. But I’ve put my latest works up on there so there’s a little more exposure for them. ‘Till next time…

Latest Artworks // Taupo & Setting Sail

I’ve just finished two paintings that I have been working on. Due to Uni and timing (or lack of), they have taken a lot longer then I had expected. I’ve also changed plans on the Taupo one several times since I started work on it.You can see both the works in my Gallery 6. ‘Till […]

The desert place – depicting the artist’s life

It seems that once in a while, the passion to paint escapes me – goes on holiday for a wee bit. It also happens to be when I have the most time for it.However, I am beginning to get back into things with Uni starting next week and planning for the year of BB begins […]

What is Art?

I have finally gone through and finalized the first edition of my discussion “What is Art? an un-philosophical view”. It is now avaliable via the Writing Wall. There is also the full version avaliable in PDF form. It’s some 15,000 words over a span of 23-24 pages. I have also started work on its second […]

Landscape // A tribute to Colin McCahon

I went for a trip into the wairarapa to shoot some footage for my artfilm last weekend – a tribute to Colin McCahon. However, passion forthis project has diminished and time is of the essence at the moment.I also haven’t painted for a while, and want to get back into thisbefore I start on another […]

Affordable Art Show : Success Rate

After a long wait results of who sold work were relaesed online today. Scrolling down to my number, 994 – I found out the news I had been waiting for.Four of my selected 5 works were sold. YAY!I can’t remember quite how much I put on them, but rough estimate at this stage is over […]

Affordable Art Show : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Afforable Arts is a great idea, is well managed, well run with lots of support and contact letting people know exactly where things are at.In the past the shows have been awesome events, with great artworks on display for all to see, and for a limited few, a hand slipping deep into their wallets. Art […]

Mmmmm Yummy – Wax Medium

I bought myself some extra oil paints and with them some Wax Medium, which is meant to help thicken the paint while you apply it to the canvas. Turner used wax in his paintings for this exact purpose, so I figure that if it was good enough for him to use, it might just be […]

The death of the tree: A limited edition…

Dominion Post – 31 July 2006; article on the Affordable Arts (of which my works got accepted). Some 300 paintings got turned down, just for the sheer number that were of a similar theme. That theme: Nikau Palms, New Zealand Cabbage Trees and the like…It would have been quite a big call to make on […]