Art No More

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I am no longer an artist. I renounce being called an artist. From this day on I will create paintings, not art. I am a painter, not an artist.If the bollocks that is being shown in art galleries is art, then I do not want to be associated with it. I no longer have the […]

deviant Art

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Art’ve recently just got back into updating this database of my works. I found it was a lot of work because I was essentially updating two sites with the same stuff. But I’ve put my latest works up on there so there’s a little more exposure for them. ‘Till next time…

What is Art?

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I have finally gone through and finalized the first edition of my discussion “What is Art? an un-philosophical view”. It is now avaliable via the Writing Wall. There is also the full version avaliable in PDF form. It’s some 15,000 words over a span of 23-24 pages. I have also started work on its second […]