D.I.Y Disc Sander

In the past, I have written these kinds of projects up in a how to. Others make a YouTube video to show how they made it.

However, by the time I thought about it, I’d already mostly finished it, and the moment to take “how-to” photos was gone. So here are the (mostly) finished product photos.

The Disc Sander

I highly recommend watching this video, as it pretty much provides the basis for the disc sander I’ve made. There are a few adjustments I’ve made, and I’ve worked out my own measurements based on the MDF I had and the second hand drill I’m using as the motor.

You will need:

  • 18mm MDF (could use thinner MDF if you like. I just had 18mm on hand.)
  • Drill with at least 8mm chuck
  • Bearing (8mm)
  • Bolt (M8, 70mm)
  • Hinges (x2)
  • PVA Glue
  • Screws

Front View


I haven’t put the sandpaper on yet but you get the idea. Eventually I might even make an extension table to sit around the workpiece rest, to help stable larger works such as guitar body blanks and the like.

The disc sits at 90 degrees to the rest, though I’m sure with a simple adjustment that various sanding angles could be made.

Back View


For now, I’ve just added in a temporary wall at the back for the drill to rest on. Eventually I want this piece to both be a mount point for the drill, as well as, a possible handle. I haven’t quite worked this bit out though, as it needs to fold flat, otherwise it gets in the way when the disc sander is packed up.

Packing Away


One of the cool things from the YouTube video mentioned earlier was how he got it to all fold away.

I wanted to take this a step further and also store the drill in the box, as this drill is a spare one I have.

Packed Up


And there we have it. All nicely packed away and in its own box.

There are still some finishing touches to make. It needs a latch on the workpiece rest to swing around and catch so that it stays closed. It also needs something done with the drill rest (as stated), to make it fold flat, or provide a handle or something.

For the most part however, this is pretty close to being finished and useable! Pretty impressed for an afternoon’s work.