Spicy Sauce: Thai Riffic

Thai Riffic is the second sauce I tried from my World Traveller Hot Sauce pack. It is potentially the lamest named sauce from the pack.
If I’m honest, I didn’t enjoy this spicy sauce, purely because of the smell. It’s your typical rice vinegar and chilli smell, mixed in with a wet humid tang of a vietnamese summer.
Other than that, there isn’t much to this hot sauce. In fact, the smell gave a bigger punch than the spice. Whilst there is enough for it to be noticed on your plate, it certainly doesn’t put a dent in your ego by causing sweaty eyes in front of your mates. This is one that you can quite easily share with your friends who have an aversion to anything considered mild and above. The tang from this spicy sauce sizzles on your tongue, but that’s where it lasts, fizzing out when you swallow. There is little transfer to your throat, and certainly isn’t any after taste or reflux on this one.

Spicy Sauce ThaiRiffic