Gerald Dreams

Gerald Dreams is a book we wrote at University for one of our assignments. We had a bit of fun with it, and wrote two additional books in the series. It was intended as an ebook; but at that time, E-Readers were as rare as cassette tapes are now, and iPad’s were not even in the pipeline!

Now, the full revelation of Gerald can take place. Gerald got published on iBooks today, and I will also be submitting him to Amazon for publication as an ebook as well.

You can see it here:

Books. Books. iBooks.

Those that know me know I am not much of a reader. Obviously I have to keep that quite quiet in the classroom, because I want to encourage my class to read as much as possible. To do so, I usually use a lot of picture books as inspiration for reading. I like picture books because; well lets face it… they have pictures! And some of those picture are works of arts all on their own. Whilst at University, a group of friends and I had an assignment to write a children’s “EBook” for use in a classroom. We had so much fun with it, we actually wrote a few books.
Now; this was back in the time before iPads, E-Readers and the like. We had to use Powerpoint to create them for use as an EBook.
Having just purchased iPads for each classroom at our school, I went and found some picture books on iBooks. It gave me an idea.
A good idea.
So I dug around my old files from university, and eventually found our original powerpoint EBook. I took it, converted it into a suitable format using iBooks Author, and now it is currently awaiting approval from Apple NZ to be made available in our country. Seeing how easy it was, I decided that actually, I could probably use my love of art and painting, and couple it with my vocation, and make some picture books suitable for 10 year olds and up.


I even found out how to get ISBN numbers – and it’s not that hard!!!
Keep an eye out on iBooks Store for an author out there with my name on it!

The Gem Eating Monster – Video

Over the course of this year I have worked with some of the students in my class to come up with this video, after they wrote and performed this as a play in the School Assembly. It was great working with some of the good students in the school and giving them a bit of a hand with the filming and editing. They’re all pretty happy with the result!