DIY: Flash Diffuser

Recently I added to my photography collection a dedicated flash unit. And immediately realised that with my style of photography, I was going to need to get a diffuser.
A subsequent search online for diffusers showed a variety ranging from $7 to $30 (NZD), with guarantee that they would fit my flash.
It was only when I was doing the dishes thinking about this, that I found almost the perfect piece of plastic to modify into a diffuser box for my flash.

Unfortunately, it was in the form of my wife’s Tupperware lid for one of here prized square rounds.
Permission was granted.


I marked around the flash end of the unit to get the size.


Then cut it into a simple box by chopping out the unwanted corners.


A round of cello tape to hold it in shape, the air-tight designed edges act like clips as it fits snugly around your flash.