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10 Amazing Photos of the Starry Night Sky

I have always loved looking up at the night sky. I’ve always enjoyed staying up late, and having developed my photography skills, I’ve become fascinated by night sky photography.

500px is a great place to find inspiration on the matter. The following are some of my favourites from a selection of photographers that dedicate their time to hiking into remote locations to get that shot. One day I will do the same. In the mean time, enjoy these photos!

1. Milky Way and bad water – Ani Pandit

I am amazed at this photo. There is such clarity in the sky, and a crispness to the ground in the foreground. It really takes you away into another place. Beautiful.

2. Oh! Did You See That One? Hurry, make a wish – Ben Canales

This is what I talk about the dedication to get that crisp night sky, to the point where the photographer is out camping in the surrounds that he photographs. Top stuff!

3. HOTEL in Muktinate – Sarawut Intarob

This photo is great. I love the crispness in it, even at ISO 5000. I suspect some good noise removal software has been in place. Obviously having a wide angle lens is paramount to get a shot like this.

4. Ignite the Dark of My Night – Joel Sjaarda

I love this shot because of the vibrancy in the colours, with the setting sun merged with the glorious heavens above. The wide landscape shot is a little different for these kinds of photos.

5. The Sentinal – Greg Gibbs

Once again, I am blown away by the crispness in the foreground, coupled with the amazing display overhead. The purple flash in this sky really sets off against the yellow in the light on the rock.

6. Shoot Me to the Stars – Dave Morrow

This one includes a couple of shooting stars, which kind of ruin the shot actually. Regardless, it is still a beautiful example of constructing the shot and using the landscape as a focal point for the stars to grace.

7. To Infinity – Andrea Di Giampasquale

I love this photo because it captures the night sky, the foreground is striking and well lit, as well as the remains of the sunset on the horizon. All three seem to work together really well.

8. Midnight Rainbow – Greg Gibbs

Another of Greg’s photos, this time with no foreground, but a very striking silhouetted horizon line.

9. Celestial Existance – Scott Smorra

I like the purple tones throughout this photo. There seems to be a symmetry between the flowers and the sky, which is the beauty captured in this frame.

10. When Worlds Collide – Dave Morrow

Another amazing photo by Dave Morrow. I love the spectrum of colour through this photo. I’m not a fan of the slanted trees, but they seem to work in really well with the direction of the milky way in view on this photo.

I hope you have enjoyed perusing these photos as I have. It is hard to come away from them and think that there is any chance of reproducing anything similar. But I see them as inspiration, as encouragement, to keep on practising, keep on trying, and keep on pushing the boundaries.

Below are a couple of my own attempts of Star photography. I wouldn’t begin to suggest they are any fine example of night photography, but they are my beginnings without even the use of a wide angled lens.