Timelapse 001

My first attempt at a timelapse photograph. I noticed the clouds had some wind behind them, and the timing was somewhat fortuitous. It was done completely manually, taking a photo every 10 seconds for 45 minutes. All of that amounts to this 13-14 second clip!

I hope to be making more of these as time goes on.



10 Tips for Church Worship

The following are some thoughts and observations of worship in Church today. Enjoy!

#1: Worship God and only God.
You’re not up there for any other reason. If you are able to worship in your own heart, then that will help others to worship with you.

#2: Listen to God.
Don’t just leave it up to the worship leader to lead you through the song, if you listen too then God will show you where the song is going too.

#3: Listen more than you play.
Listening to others in the team is the number 1 thing to do. Well, actually its the number 3 thing to do. But if you listen to others you’ll have a better idea of where you fit in to the mix.

#4: Dont play songs.
Don’t just play through the song. Actually use it as a passageway to connect with God.

#5: Lose yourself in the music, or even better, lose the music.
Honestly, the best thing I did was not have the music in front of me one night. It forced me to play by ear, by listening to the song and working out the chords in my head. It frees you from being tied down to what the music says.

#6: Create a vast and empty Space.
God started out with a vast and empty space. Then He made all of creation. He obviously does His best work when He starts with space. Between songs you want to keep the flow of worship throughout a set. Creating space means less of you talking and allows for God to speaking into our lives..

#7: Dont let people stop you from what God wants.
People will always complain, some more than others. A letter written to the pastor about the lack of hymns, or that it is too loud is from a hardened heart not focussed on worship. Draw into God and what he wants, rather than what people want.

#8: Worship with the People.
If you worship with the people, the songs chosen will reflect their needs. If you have and older congregation, a selection of hymns will work well, where as at a raging Youth party, hymns probably wont go down well.

#9: Feel the song. Ewww… its Sticky.
If the song is being moved by the Holy Spirit, it will ebb and flow, and move through highs and lows. It’s easier to move with it than to fight it by placing boundaries on the order of the songs.
See tip #4 and #10 for more info.

#10: Play Verse Two with a kazoo.
Don’t spend all your time sorting out what order youre going to play the songs, just let the spirit move and be ready to play whatever comes next.