Less is More

Sometimes we have a tendency to include everyone and every instrument in our worship team. Whilst a bit of variety can be enlightening and refreshing to otherwise dull renditions, it can also steal the attraction away from God. It can overwhelm the congregation as the sound gets bigger and full of instruments trying to stand their ground.

It also bears thinking about, something that Paul Baloche stresses in his Worship seminars, is that the more instruments there are, the less each instrument should play.

I remember back to a worship conference called Noise where Planetshaker Henry Seeley came to Wellington to discuss worship. At the end of his talk, he sat down, rested a guitar in his lap, and humbly began to worship. Just him, and his guitar. It didnt take long for Gods presence to fill the room and open my eyes.
Our focus shouldnt be the music, the big sound. It should be on Him.

Less of us means more of God.


G Date

Today Vicky and I went on an impromptu G date. We went Geocaching! The weather was just right to head out on a walk up the top of Stokes Valley to try and find a small plastic container and write our names in it. Such a good way to get out and see parts of the world we havent seen before! And great to spend some quality time with each other. br/br/a href=
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Dude, just stumbled on your site via a “stylish websites” search. We’re in the midst of a website redesign and was trying to find some inspiration. Anywho, love your site, passion and creativity. Keep up the artistic worship…it touched my soul!

Macbook Pro – 15 inch Glossy

Edit: The Macbook was sold today! Excellent!

My Macbook Pro is for sale. I have upgraded to a later model, and so am selling my old one.

15.4 inch Glossy screen
250GB Hard Drive
1.5GB Ram DDR2
2.0GHz Intel Core Duo.

Running OS X Snow Leopard 10.6
Also has Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate on Bootcamp

More Info:
For more info, please visit support.apple.
For the Trade Me Auction, click here.


F Date

F Date was last night. It was Part One, as Part Two is still to come. We headed out to the Flicks with some Russian and Latte Fudge. We then went and had some fried chicken in the form of Burger Wisconsin.
It was awesome… I cant wait for Part Two!