E Date

Tonight we had E Date. We had 3 (backwards E!) courses of Entrees. Wedges, Chicken Rings and Chicken Nuggets, with a selection of Elixirs. After polishing those off, we sat down and watched The Expendables as an escape back to the Eighties.

Thoroughly Enjoyable!

D Date

For D Date, Vicky took me to see a Digital Art exhibition at the Dowse Art Gallery. It was quite eye opening to see computer graphics printed on boards as art and to see some of the work of the people who brought us Narnia and Lord of the Rings.
The most fascinating piece was a screencast one of the artists had done of him working on an artwork from scratch over 30 hours condensed into 10 or 15 minutes. Amazing to see Photoshop being used like that, where as I use it more for Graphic Design and Photography than for Art and Painting.