C Date

Tonight was C date. We had a quick Chicken pasta meal, but the main event was creating a Camera Story. Ive done a couple of these in the past. The idea is to take a series of photos that tell a story.
I asked Vicky to think of all the places that are important to us, and then we chose the top three.
They turned out to be:
1. Wainui Coast; where we first started dating.
2. Days Bay; where we got married.
3. Haven Grove; our first home.

The following is the camera story we created.


B Date


B Date was a brilliant concoction of B activities. First was homemade Burgers, while watching last nights Big Bang Theory.
Next, Vicky and I did some baking, where we tried making something neither of us had made before. Chocolate Fudge Fingers.
Following that (while it chills in the fridge) Vicky gave me a beautiful back rub using a new massage book we got from the Book Depository.
And so here I write, in complete bliss, and grateful of my beautiful wife.