A Date

Vicky and I have decided to start the popular ABC Dating. Each week one of us organises a date starting with the letter of the alphabet, starting with A.

For A, Al took Vicky in an Automobile up to the Petone Foreshore and turned right at the Aurora monument onto Beach street. We had dinner at Burger Wisconsin (cheating I know).
We then headed to the cinemas where we used Vickys AA Card to get us cheap tickets to see The Kings Speech – which is bound to win many Academy Awards!


Dealing with Compliments

Thank you.
Said with a humble heart, it is difficult to receive such compliments humbly.
Week after week I come off stage from worshipping and leading the congregation in worship, an Ive never been able to deal with the simplest compliment of them all. Thank you.

This week however, I found out how. I never go up on stage for my own glory. Its for Gods glory that I do. And whether the people are thanking me for a good service of music, or if they are simply saying thank you to the glimpse of God that I might have been able to show them, the praise isnt mine to accept.

So instead of saying Thank you back, a polite gesture that I often reply with, but somewhat accepting the praise for myself, I will endeavor to respond with Youre welcome. It doesnt accept the compliment for myself, but instead I am able to turn it back to them, in that they might receive more blessing from the God given worship they experienced during that service.

New York Reaching Out

Reaching Out or Out of reach.

Over the weekend I received an email asking me to exhibit some of my work.
In New York.

Though as I stuttered and stummered over the shock, I began to realise that the gallery wasn’t wanting Al Ingham, but just another artist who would pay the same price as every other artist, a mere 3K US for representation for a year. This is without postage and packaging required to get my artworks over there, the insurance to protect my artworks in transit and whilst overseas, and of course the tax I would incur upon any sale (of which the gallery would be happily taking a 30% chunk out).

Whilst it is almost every artists dream to be able to call themselves an international artist, and such a price should not be put on that, this is a price that is just too far out of reach to become a reality, especially having just gotten married and becoming a new home owner.

Thoughts of getting willing friends and family to sponsor the endeavour triggered, but I couldn’t ask friends to give me money for something so personal and ultimately invisible. None of the sponsors, nor myself would ever see exhibitions, the promo material, the reviews or see anything to do with where their money was going.

Dreams are free. Making those dreams a reality is slightly more expensive.

New Site: Multi

With the holidays providing a bit of extra time to work on my website. After a bit of searching for inspiration, I stumbled on Charlie Gentles site and immediately fell in love. Using some of his script as a starting point, I began to adapt it for my own needs and convert it into a working WordPress template.