Moving In

Today we began moving into our new house.

Yesterday was settlement day. Whilst most settlement days are rather complicated, because we were first home buyers, we could sort out the majority of the finance early, and so it was all ready to go. However, to make things more complicated, I came down with extreme pain in my back, which turned out to be kidney stones. Spending the day in hospital made picking up the keys rather difficult, even if the real estate agent offered to bring them into the ED at the hospital!

Today begins the road to building our new home. Whilst the four walls are already there, it takes time to change a house into a home. Because we are under no pressure on time because we have our apartment until next week, we can spread the move over a few days.

Vicky’s family has kindly offered to do the bulk of the work. Whilst I would have gladly offered, because of the newfound pain in my kidneys, it would be unwise for me to get involved.

Easy Does it. Done

Ever since about a month after moving into our Park Ave apartment, we’ve known we wanted to move out. Now, we have a place to move to. That’s right. Vicky and Al have bought their first house!
And it all seemed to happen so easily!

We looked on Trade Me and Open2View and found a few places. 2 weeks later, we had a place we wold be happy with. With help of our parents, we put in the offer, and today, it went unconditional.

We will be moving into it on December 16, and hopefully unpacking shortly afterwards ready for Christmas!